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Service Offerings

(i) AA Atlantic Business Group - Public Sector

Government is one of the most complex and challenging sectors for foreign companies looking to operate or invest in Africa. It can also be one of the most rewarding. On the other hand, Public-sector organizations around the world are facing many of the same issues with engaging foreign and institutional investors and partners —for example:

  • How do Governments through their Ministry of Finance and Investment Corporations respond to the growing pressure to kick-start and monetise assets and natural resources at a reduced funding cost?
  • How can we balance economic needs when responding to changes in demography and human capital investment?
  • What are the keys to achieving organizational transformation in some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world?

Our interests span countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, Guinea, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Chad, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and more AA ABG's Public Sector practice will help governments in Africa tackle these issues swiftly and systematically, successfully navigating complex stakeholder landscapes and achieving remarkable outcomes.

(ii) AA Atlantic Business Group - Public Finance

With past experience with Governments in most African counties (some of which includes Zambia, Chad, Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Mozambique and Nigeria) we coordinate with our globally recognised Project Specialists and Alliance Partners to deliver on:

  • Airports
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Public Power
  • Redevelopment Finance
  • State Revolving Funds
  • Transportation (Surface and Mass Transit)
  • Water & Sewer

(iii) AA Atlantic Business Group - Transaction review

As an Investment Group working closely with its Alliance Partners we are unencumbered by audit independence concerns, AA ABG will offer seamless analytical service throughout the transaction continuum, from decision support at origination to deal closing and beyond.

With improved and enforceable Legal & Regulatory policies now operating in more African countries, AA ABG is the right partner to assist in guiding your entry and growth prospects in the various economic zones in Francophone and Anglophone Africa.

(iv) AA Atlantic Business Group – FDI & Business & Trade Expansion

Taking African corporates into Europe
Taking African corporates into Asia
Taking African corporates into the Middle East
Taking African corporates into other African regions (CEMAC, WAMZ, SADC, EAC)

Asia FDI into Africa has increased by 55% per year in the last decade. The industrialisation and development growth of African cities has delivered positive returns, creating better improved agricultural and labour productivity in their respective countries. The UN has reported that Africa's level of urbanisation is c.40% greater than India but lagging China at 50%. It's important to note that Africa has more cities with 1million people than North America, and potential drivers of FDI that benefited form China‟s growth spurt in the last 20 years, should also enjoy the benefits from Africa.

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